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A few notes about this page:

The screenshots with a blue background are taken in Milkshape, and since I've done most of the models on a P2-300 without 3d hardware, the z-buffer depth is a bit low, which can result in some errors where triangles intersect.

I still have a bunch of models to add, but it's going slowly at the moment. I would also like to texture these, but that's probably going to take a while =D

I plan on having some models available for download, but since I'm working on a couple of projects right now, I don't know which models won't be used ( that I can put up here ). I might do some specificly for the site, but that really depends on how much time I have after all the other stuff.

Update 02/04-2003:
I've decided to put up most models, even those used in one of my projects, but they will take a while ( mostly because a lot of them need to be updated ), meanwhile most new models will be available as I upload them.

Now, before using these, please read the License

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A large transport vessel.
Polycount: [728]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 12 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

My first attempt at a semi-realistic vehicle, appreciate feedback :)
Polycount: [968]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 19 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Seraphim
Fast fighter strike craft.
Polycount: [354]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 8 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Stalker
Medium stealth fighter, with long-range high resolution sensors, for maximum accuracy.
Polycount: [644]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 13 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Fighter
Alien fighter.
Polycount: [580]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 12 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Heavy Hover Tank
A bit bulky, but packing a lot of punch.
Polycount: [684]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 13 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Space Station
Simple alien space station.
Polycount: [480]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 9 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Sci-Fi Tower
A sci-fi style tower.
Polycount: [944]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 18 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]
User Submission: UV-map and texture by Rob.

Polycount: [944]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 89 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Jet Bike
Jet Bike.
Polycount: [726]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 14 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Speedy personell shuttle with good stealth and maneuverability, but quite low cargo capacity.
Polycount: [424]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 8 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]
User Submission: UV-map and texture by Victor.

Polycount: [424]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 345 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Another Hunter class spacecraft, a little more sleek this time ( not to mention above 1k tri polycount ).
Polycount: [1048]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 21 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Blade
Lightning fast and deadly.
Polycount: [272]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 6 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]
User Submission: UV-map and texture by Forager.

No screenshots available.
Polycount: [272]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 36 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Harbinger
Now this will be a bitch to unwrap..
Polycount: [571]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 11 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Fighter
Another alien fighter.
Polycount: [242]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 5 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Polycount: [668]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 111 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

This is a massive Carrier spaceship, capable of launching 2 groups of four fighters.
Polycount: [968]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 17 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Fighter
*yawn* my third model today, and I'm definatly too tired to make up a text for this one.
Polycount: [262]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 94 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Destroyer
Another model with slightly larger amount of tris.
Polycount: [594]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 12 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

I got a request for some stuff with a bit higher polycount, and here's the first one, hope everyone likes it :)
Polycount: [802]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 15 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

A small and fast dropship, useful for inserting small special forces teams behind enemy lines.
Polycount: [300]Texture: [No]Download: [ ( 6 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

Alien Destroyer
A sleek, fast alien destroyer spaceship.
Polycount: [188]Texture: [Yes]Download: [ ( 61 KB ) ]Programs: [Milkshape3d]

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