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Loooong overdue update, posted 30/06 - 2005 by Taharez
Ok, so almost a year since the last update, what can I say, I've been busy ;) Anyway, as if that wasn't enough, the reason for this update is mainly to notify visitors that I will finally be switching ISP, and as a result probably won't have Internet access for at least a month. So, have a good summer everyone!

First Trial Prototype!, posted 26/07 - 2004 by Taharez
I've just completed a first release of my Java boardgame, Trial. Download the jar here. It's a three player game with rotating turns, so no network play yet.

New old project, posted 2/07 - 2004 by Taharez
Just a quick update on the Java goodies mentioned below, I've started work recently on an old board game idea of mine, and I've uploaded a screenshot here. All I'll say right now is that it's three-player over network, the rest will be clear when I get it done :)

Long time no see, posted 27/05 - 2004 by Taharez
Whoops, where does time go? ;) Sorry for the lack of update, I've had a ton of stuff to do and this place sort of suffered. I have a few projects going on now that might be of interest to those who actually bother to visit from time to time: a nif v4 ( Morrowind, etc ) exporter for Milkshape; and doing models for a great game in development, Onyx. Aside from that me and three other guys have made a Java version of the old classic boardgame Ludo as part of our first-year project at university. I hope to arrange to have it up soon. There might be a few other Java goodies coming too, but I can't say more than that yet ;)

And in other news, I'm looking for very unusual modelling ideas, I feel like doing something really weird, so if you have any concepts for strange stuff, let me know please!

With the risk of the next update being delayed a bit into to the foggy future, I'd just like to wish everyone a great summer , whether you're locked up in an office coding or out in the nice weather.

Gallery section test, posted 03/01 - 2004 by Taharez
Working a new section for textures and misc 2d stuff, got two textures up. One includes a quick Photoshop re-creation guide, if people like this feature I'll try to include one for most textures using a new technique.

Hope everyone had a nice new-years :)

Happy holidays!, posted 23/12 - 2003 by Taharez
Happy holidays everyone!

New user submition!, posted 27/10 - 2003 by Taharez
Rob has uv-mapped and textured one of the structures, sci-fi tower, very cool! His site is at

msHeightMap, posted 23/10 - 2003 by Taharez
Exam sucked..

Anyway, working on a few more updates for the terrain generator for Milkshape, specifically more generators, so if anyone has a nice algo lying around, send me a mail :) Also, feature requests are always welcome.

Uni and site stuff, posted 21/10 - 2003 by Taharez
Wow, really long since I updated here! I'm currently at uni and have an exam thursday, so I guess I can use that as an excuse ;) Ok, so to the points:
  • e-mail seems ok again, so please direct your questions/suggestions/other to my ordinary address.
  • As I predicted I haven't done very many new models since school started, but there are a few. Not sure when they'll be up on the site though, also I plan on making some available only on Game Beavers, and I encourage everyone to check it out and join, it'll be a great resource when enough people gets there :) I have already decided that one of my new models called the Personal Hover Vehicle will only be on GB
  • A new version of Milkshape has recently been released, with a lot of great updates, among other things updated vertex/triangle limits. Therefore I have updated my heightmap plugin to support these new limits. You can find it at the ordinary place.

Temp e-mail, posted 04/09 - 2003 by Taharez
I've set up a temp e-mail @ t ___ gdnmail ___ net ( I assume you know what was left out ;) ), use if you can't reach me at the ordinary one ( which is most likely the case ).

Blah!, posted 01/09 - 2003 by Taharez
Scratch that last post, mail just started pouring in again ( well, actually it did last week, right before my connection went down so I couldn't post about it, hence the "Blah!" )..

I've done a couple of models over the last few weeks, nothing complete yet, but I can tell you I'm working on a futuristic spaceport complex, I just wonder why I didn't get that idea earlier :) Back to work.

E-mail status update, posted 27/08 - 2003 by Taharez
Seems like the e-mail flood is over ( for a while at least.. ), so feel free to mail me again :)

Quick Note, posted 22/08 - 2003 by Taharez
Due to last few days intense virus activity, my webmail account is filled up in a few minutes after cleaning it, which means that most likely I won't recieve any mail sent to me until the problem has been fixed or the virus activity declines.

Updates, posted 18/08 - 2003 by Taharez
Did a minor update to the menu graphics today, I think it looks cleaner this way.

In other news, University starts again tomorrow, and I have a feeling I'll spend a lot of time with math the coming months. I will probably try to get some time in for doing Java stuff too, it doesn't hurt to keep up-to-date :) So I doubt I'll do many updates to the site for a while, at least not with new models.

Good luck to everyone else going to Uni this fall!

Helicopter, posted 15/08 - 2003 by Taharez
As usual, visit the models section for screenshots and download :)

Seraphim complete, posted 03/08 - 2003 by Taharez
Check it out at the models page!

WIP - Seraphim, posted 02/08 - 2003 by Taharez
Pretty light at 182 tris so far.

User submission, posted 19/07 - 2003 by Taharez
Victor has been nice enough to make a UV-map and a texture for the Shuttle, check it out here.

Some stuff, posted 07/07 - 2003 by Taharez
Well, I haven't made any progress on the game since the last post, have been working on a little 'theme pack' consisting of several castle parts ( walls, towers, ramparts, etc ) the past few days. I just finished a ballista ( basicly a giant crossbow siege weapon ), and I was quite pleased with it + it was great fun to make, so there'll probably be a few more siege engines too. I won't release anything untill I have a basic set of castle components and some simple textures though, I'm way to tired of all the untextured stuff on the models page ;)

On a different topic, it seems like all the projects I've been involved with in one way or another has slowed to a crawl ( or full stop ) over summer, a little strange to have it this quiet after the relative high during spring. Not exactly bad, as now I have some time for other things ( such as friends, 'Real Life', and reading ). I have a sneaking suspicion that they'll all get going around the time for the first exams though, but I'll just enjoy the quiet for now :D

Oh, and I almost forgot, if you have any suggestions about alterations/additions to current models/textures or for new ones, drop me a mail. Currently I especially want suggestions and ideas for the castle/siege theme, but anything goes really :)

Blockdrop screen, posted 02/07 - 2003 by Taharez
I just resumed work on my little GL project, and finished the text drawing stuff a few minutes ago. So far everything drawn in the program uses GL_LINES, and I think I'll keep it that way ( it'll be a little messy when drawing filled layers, so I'm not 100% sure yet ).

Check it out here.

Models update, posted 19/06 - 2003 by Taharez
Heh, it'e already been a month, where does the time go? ;)

Anyway, I've added some new models. The latest being put up today, an alien space station which I'm rather pleased with actually, low polycount too :) Nothing much new otherwise, still haven't completed the game ( haven't coded on it since the last news post ), but I hope I'll get in a coding mood some time during summer. For all you people with summer vacation, have fun and hope the weather is nice!

Game!, posted 19/05 - 2003 by Taharez
My, my, I'm really lazy with the updating, ain't I? Oh, well, to the content of this post:

I just realized the other day that I haven't actually produced a completed game in C++ yet, and I've been programming for quite a few years now. So, I decided to learn some OpenGL and actually sit down and make a playable game. While I have been visiting NeHe for a couple of years to see cool demos and such, I haven't used the tuts before now ( the little demos I've made were with D3D ), but I have to say, they were even better than I expected! So, at the moment I'm working on the slightly uncool task of making a Blockout-type game, that'll hopefully be done within the week. I'm thinking of making exclusive us of GL_LINES for graphics ( yes, including text ), but I haven't really decided on that yet ;)

I've also uploaded some more models + I added an option to view some models with the Milkshape3d Viewer, this will probably ( hopefully ) be present for all future models. I hope someone have use for the models, and if you do, I really appreciate an e-mail telling me what you're working on and perhaps some screens. It feels pretty much like wasting my time when I don't know if the models are used at all :(

Misc updates, posted 23/04 - 2003 by Taharez
I finished a texture for the latest model ( the Hunter spacecraft ) today ( although I might change a few details ), and uploaded a new zip with the texture included. I've also updated the models page with filesizes next to the download link.

On a related topic, the textures I include are bmps in 256x256 size, for maximum compatibility. Most textures are made in a working resolution of 512x512 or more, so if anyone wants the high res textures, send a mail ( I have very limited webspace, so I can't really upload them ).

Models again, posted 21/04 - 2003 by Taharez
I've been adding models quite regularly since my last post, I've also split the models page up into two. I plan on having ten models per page, so I will add pages as needed ( I've really started to miss PHP and MySQL, this html only really sucks.. ).

More Models, posted 02/04 - 2003 by Taharez
Added a new spacestation, including download, also updated the models page with a very simple license.

Models added, posted 22/03 - 2003 by Taharez
I've added some since the last post, today's additions are a space station and my first skinned model, go check them out here.

New section - Models, posted 24/02 - 2003 by Taharez
Added a new section for some of the models I've made. I will add more over the next few days hopefully :) I also plan on adding a gallery for some mixed graphics, but I haven't really decided on that yet.

msSnap 1.0.4, posted 25/01 - 2003 by Taharez
Minor update, changed tooltype to 'Tool', so it works with Milkshape < 1.6.5, and added the option to snap joints.

Download: here.

msHeightMap 1.1.6, posted 16/01 - 2003 by Taharez
Some fixes, but most important is I made a new generator for the random terrain, so it should be quite a bit prettier :) Still have a bunch of ideas for improvement though.
As usual, you can find it here.

Quick screenshot, posted 03/01 - 2003 by Taharez
A quick teaser from my WIP project:

Happy Holidays, posted 24/12 - 2002 by Taharez
A merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

New Milkshape plugin, posted 12/12 - 2002 by Taharez
I've finished a quick project, a snap plugin for Milkshape. Go check it out here.

OT: Fuchsia, posted 9/12 - 2002 by Taharez
Just wanted to say that I got next year's fuchsia order catalogue today, and I'm already going crazy trying to decide which few I got room for..
Oh, and feel free to mail me with suggestions :D

New open 3D project, posted 8/12 - 2002 by Taharez
Paul Nettle has started a very interesting project named "Open Architect 3D", or OA3D for short. From the front page:
Open Architect 3D is the first open initiative to produce a truly high-end, production-quality tool for 3D modelling, rendering, animation & layout.
It seems like a very nice enviroment, but he needs people to add functionality in the form of plugins. So go visit the site and send him a mail if you like what you see! This could be a huge step for low-budget 3D-related projects such as indie game development.
The site is here.

msHeightMap ToDo, posted 6/12 - 2002 by Taharez
The ToDo list for msHeightMap now resides here.

Milkshape 1.6.5, posted 3/12 - 2002 by Taharez
Milkshape3d version 1.6.5 has been released! It has a bunch of new features, it's probably one of the most massive updates ever. It also includes version 1.1.5 of msHeightMap, which is a bit fun for me :D Go get it now!

ToDo, posted 24/11 - 2002 by Taharez
I'm starting a ToDo list for the msHeightMap Milkshape plugin, which will be under the Projects page in the future. Meanwhile, here's my current ToDo:
  • Save Effects - Ability to save all custom effects so you can easily re-use them.
  • Point-Radial Effects - A new effect typ in addition to the Kernel type that already exist. Good for mountains, craters, ripples, and so on.
  • Water plane - Suggestions and comments on how this should be done are welcome.
  • Scaling Options - Ability to scale the terrain in the plugin.
  • More to come.

Lack of news, posted 24/11 - 2002 by Taharez
Not really, I'm just to lazy to update this page :D Considering no-one actually reads this yet, it shouldn't be a problem though. Anyway, to the actual news, I've finished a new release of the heightmap plugin, which is available for download. This release also includes the newly created helpfile (chm format). The online documentation can be found here.

Links fixed, posted 30/10 - 2002 by Taharez
Now everything should be working (except the login), I've replaced the php-pages with html and redone the links. Also added the Links page, and added a few things to that.

Files up, posted 29/10 - 2002 by Taharez
Finally got the heightmap files uploaded, first I thought it was my ISP blocking zip's, but it turned out it didn't like spaces in the filename.. Oh well, at least they're up now :)

News, posted 28/10 - 2002 by Taharez
Guess I'll have to actually port this site to pure html so it is useable.. :) Nothing works yet, so don't click any links, 'cause they're all dead.

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